Roffler Mountain Sage Shampoo


Many say the menthol / evergreen  component in this formulation makes their scalp tingle.  Mountain Sage cleanses thoroughly and helps control dandruff , and leaves the scalp feeling rejuvenated. Not for use with color-treated hair.  Follow with your Roffler conditioner.


On a personal note:
I had dandruff for years before I went to my first Roffler stylist. He took the time to ask me questions and discovered I was scratching my scalp with my fingernails and hairbrush, causing the very problem I was trying eliminate. My Roffler stylist suggested Roffler Gold Shampoo and Roffler Protein 35 Conditioner. I took both home and in less than 3 weeks the dandruff problem, that had been bothering me for years, was gone!

I have always wondered why all the other barbers and hairstylists never took the time to help me.   Mountain Sage is great at the change of seasons if you spot a few flakes. However, just in case we always review the common mistakes folks make that cause scalp flaking. Here are a few helpful hints.

We frequently see clients using too high a water temperature and scratching the scalp.  This happens when it cools off in the morning and clients start warming up their shower/bathroom with the shower water. Too hot a water removes the normal fatty-acids and is often the unseen cause of those unwanted dandruff flakes.  

We recommend reducing the water temperature until it feels warm on your arm. Then massage the scalp with your finger-tips not finger-nails and use Mountain Sage. Check your combs and brushes to be sure they are not scratching your scalp. Trying to "scratch dandruff off your scalp" causes more damaged shin and more dandruff (just as I was doing so many years ago).

Follow the 2nd sudsing of your Mt Sage shampoo with a Roffler Conditioner.

Mountain /sage is Not for color-treated hair and NOT ADDICTIVE  as other dandruff preparation you may have tried.

Most of the folks who buy Mountain Sage from us are using it because it "FEELS SO GOOD" after working out or running! They buy a bottle just for the gym and use another Roffler shampoo at home.