Roffler Gentle Shave


Roffler Gentle Shave

A shaving cream that conditions your skin as you shave. This Roffler shave cream is a revolutionary product containing mink oil. Gent-L-Shave conditioners to soothe sensitive skin and give you the smoothest shave you've ever experienced. Prevents nicks and irritation, and is perfect by both the men and & the ladies.

 Note: 2- things have happened with gentle shave.

  • Some folks thought that the Roffler Gentle Shave was "too hard" or" too stiff" to get out of the tube
    - so it is now blended longer to give a smoother creamier consistency - which makes it easier to dispense from the tube and easier to apply t your face for shaving!

  • The company standardized packaging -making all tubes  the same size and instead of the gentle shave coming out of a SMALLER hole molded into the tube itself ,
    the Gentle Shave now comes out the bigger hole in the standard Roffler black screw on top.
    The the hole is slightly bigger as it is also used for Roffler Gel, Fixative, Finishing Creme, and GLUE.

  • The new cap means you need to be a little careful because you should not have to squeeze as hard to get the same amount of shave cream you are used to using.

  • Same great shave... just easier to get the product out of the tube and where you need it for your shave!

  • People speak...  Roffler listens - we hope you like the improved flow of your improved Gentle Shave.

PS - isn't it nice to have a shave cream with an after-shave skin protector built-right-in! We think so too.


Now a blast from the past -tricks for shaving - I never needed to try this myself but one of my clients promises a an even smoother shave for those of you with super sensitive skin, or really tough whiskers, or those of you who want the best of both worlds. After you shower apply gentle shave to your face. Now apply foaming shave cream over the top of the Gentle Shave. He says the foam keeps extra moisture in the beard to baby his very sensitive skin. Howard says it gives him a better shave than just Gentle Shave by itself and that he has been doing it for over 40 years. Just thought I would pass it along. If you try it how about letting us know how you personally like the "Howards' Ultimate Trick" for spoiling you face. Or ... send us your shaving trick!